Intelligent Design Solar, LLC has created software products to enable utilities and their customers to monitor and optimize the operation of distributed rooftop solar power generation.  Utility customers will be able to view their generation production, energy consumed, energy exported to the grid and any results of distributed generation dispatch programs their utility offers.  The Utility will be able to monitor residential generation and set specific parameters of its operation remotely so these energy resources operate harmoniously with the electric distribution system.

Todd Pistorese
CEO & Founder
Lee Margaret Ayers

Ms. Ayers currently holds the position as President and Founder of Intelligent Design Solar, LLC.   Lee has garnered thirty years of experience; twenty-four in providing solutions in the power industry, and is a recognized thought leader with a reputation for innovation. Her recent experience was for Doble Engineering Company as Solutions Manager for the Doble Asset Risk Management System (dobleARMS™), Smart Grid and Knowledge Services. Her focus was on evolving strategies around the strategic management of assets.


Prior to that,  her experience includes a two-year, head-to-toe deployment of a full Smart Grid solution—Xcel Energy’s SmartGridCity™—where she developed the concept of substations as the Roll-up Report Card for the Smart Grid.  


She has garnered thirty years of experience in the utility sector; Throughout her career, she has worked closely with utilities and with SCADA (EMS and DMS), DA, Substation, Metering, Smart Grid and GIS vendors desiring to link real-time data to their applications and throughout the corporation, and was an Honoree for Innovation/Creativity, Key Women in Energy—Americas, 2003 and Outside-the-Box Thinker, 50 Key IT Players in Energy—The World, 2002. She is the author of over 40 papers and has been a member of IEEE since 1993.

Mr. Pistorese currently holds the position as Executive Vice President and Founder of Intelligent Design Solar, LLC. Todd has thirty-six years of utility operations and IT experience. His work experience at Puget Sound Energy spanned T&D Operations, Power Planning, and IT Solutions for Operations. Todd architected, launched and was General Manager for, a Geographic Information System subsidiary for PSE, Tellus, Inc., prior to its sale.

While at OSIsoft LLC, Mr. Pistorese provided power industry expertise, set strategic direction within the utility vertical market and worked to educate customers and employees alike on emerging trends and the benefits of real-time data solutions. Mr. Pistorese was instrumental in growing OSIsoft’s power industry market share to become their primary market and led OSIsoft to be the global leader in power systems data management.

Mr Pistorese has dozens of technical publications in trade journals and magazines on utility innovation in application of real-time data, Geographic Information Systems, T&D Operational improvement, and more recently Smart Grid and distributed solar initiatives. Mr. Pistorese holds a BS Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Economics from University of Washington and an MBA from the University of Puget Sound. Mr. Pistorese is the co-owner of a US Patent for Automated Electric Plat Design.

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