About IDS


Intelligent Design Solar has created software products to enable utilities and their customers to monitor and optimize the operation of distributed rooftop solar power generation. 

Industry Challenge


Global warming, peak oil, environmental concerns, political motivation and increasing power bills have conspired to produce increasing pressure on utilities to integrate intermittent sources like solar and wind.  The grid was created to supply power from central generation sources out to consumers and has really only been able to absorb distributed solar power effectively as long as the solar power was insignificant.........

We believe there is an opportunity  to collaborate among a leading smart solar inverter manufacturers, our innovative operational software company and utilities to create a dynamic relationship between the utility and their customers.

The Solution
The Future is Here Today
At Intelligent Design Solar, LLC we believe the future of distributed rooftop solar depends on cooperation between the customer/owner and utilities. IDS provides utilities with SCADA quality situational awareness of distributed energy resources and enables remote management of both generation and loads throughout their network. IDS provides a means to achieve greater reliability, reduce system losses, and enable operation a self-healing grid.

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